Why So Much More?


Are you settling for just good enough?  Are you willing to strive for more? 

Often times, we've settled.  Not anymore.  We are expectant of the "more" that God wants to do with, in and through us.  We don't want to get through life in ordinary ways.  God has an EXTRAordinary design and plan for your life.  We want to see God do the amazing...the awesome...the mind blowing things that only He could do.

There's more to come.  

We believe that there is So Much More waiting for you.  

...more in your relationship with God.

...more for your relationships.

...more for your family.

Why Dentons in the DR?

Because 4 of us live in the DR as missionaries with Makarios (www.makdr.org). Our new lives and adventures are happening on an island in the middle of the Caribbean. Read more about it on the Makarios link above.



We are a simple family, trying to follow an incredible God.

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