My word for 2019 is PRESENT.

I want to learn to sit in the now, listen to God and those before me, and pay attention.  No longer looking backwards with regret or longing. No longer meticulously planning and attempting to control the future.  But simply being present.

Scott and I recently spent a week with the Makarios staff in the Dominican Republic.  What an incredible week! God gifted me with time and the opportunity to practice being present.  One afternoon, we were sent to go find a quiet place and reflect. I found a spot. Read a chapter in John. Listened. And reflected on the week…


February 15, 2019

Present.  Stillness.  Listen. Pay attention.

Sitting here in the mountains

Worshiping with men and women who sing with abandon and confidence

Reading truth

Struggling through hard things…the unknown

Believing that we are equipped for this challenge

Hoping for God’s favor

Watching faces light up with laughter

Witnessing tears and hurt

Processing our present

Laughing with new friends

Looking towards our future

Trusting God with our children

Embarking on an adventure

Walking, no longer sitting and waiting

Encouraging with smiles and limited words

Realizing shared experiences create similar stories

Building relationships

Drawing closer to Scott

Running towards Jesus

Practicing boldness

Sharing meals

Trying new things

Thanking God for perfect timing

Paying attention


Writing my thoughts because I want to remember

Missing my family

Remembering our story

Leaning into the unknown

Clinging to the ONE who loves me

Choosing to be me

Opening my heart to new relationships

Releasing control


Lifting my arms to my Abba Father

Present.  Stillness.  Listen. Pay attention.