Scott has spent the last 20 years leading in both educational and ministry environments.   As a public school teacher and administrator, he worked to improve educational systems and knows the value of empowering students and teachers to be their best.  In ministry, Scott invested in relationships and provided the framework for spiritual growth, while leading hundreds of volunteers to engage in God’s mission locally and globally.  He holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University, a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University and a M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is married to his best friend, Amy, and they have 4 kids: Jacob, Emma Grace, Scottie and Zoey.  He enjoys music, great food and spending time on the lake. 


Amy is a gifted educator, speaker and mother of four.  She began her teaching career in an urban area of Houston and made a tremendous impact on the lives of her students.  Amy transitioned into her much busier career as a full-time mom and has worked in various part-time roles as a teacher, ministry coordinator and coach.  She is currently teaching at a Christian school in Sugar Land, Texas.  She led a ministry that brought together women from all walks of life and encouraged and led them to fall in love with God and His Word.   She holds a B.A. in English from Texas A&M University.  She is married to her best friend, Scott, and loves being mommy to her 4 kids:  Jacob, Emma Grace, Scottie and Zoey.  She enjoys reading, blogging, strong black coffee and watching obscure Netflix shows. 

Our Encounter with Autism

When our third child Scottie was about 18 months old, we noticed something different.  Having 2 older kids already, we knew something was off.  After many evaluations and doctors visits, all we came up with was a diagnosis of Mental Retardation (now more sensitively referred to as Intellectually Disabled). But we knew there was more to it.   Finally at the age of 9, we had confirmation of what we knew all along...Scottie is on the Autism Spectrum.  It’s a spectrum disorder, so the variations and idiosyncrasies are as numerous as the stars.   Scottie is our wonderful, amazing gift from God. And the journey continues for us as we learn how to best care for her and help her become all God created her to be.