Two Weeks In...

Well, here we are.  Two weeks into this new thing.  Two weeks of some amazing conversations about Makarios.  Great chats with great friends.  Support team building.  Studying.  Dreaming. 

Ever been on a roller coaster?  Yeah, not those rides at amusement parks. I mean, those emotional and spiritual ones.  One minute you can conquer the world.  And the next, seized by fear and panic.  So this is what it's like at times during this journey. 

Yes, I know that the "I can conquer the world" attitude is too self-centered, because at those moments, it really ought to be God getting the credit.  But I have had those.  And within hours, I freak out, wondering if all of this will work out.  It reminds me of the guy in Scripture that tells Jesus, "I my unbelief." (Mark 9:24). 

Well, I came across another passage the other day that reminded me that God is still in control of all of this.  He's got it.  There's a plan.  His provision is all we need. 

I'm personalizing this for "me".

The LORD will...

RESTORE ME - he will renew me and quench my thirst with His refreshing waters
CONFIRM ME - he will remind me that He called me here
STRENGTHEN ME - he will show me that it's His power at work in me
ESTABLISH ME - he will set my feet on the solid rock and we will succeed

for HIS Glory!!  (1 Peter 5:6-10)